A New Legal Organisation

The GCF was launched at an inaugural event held at the Hall of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow on Tuesday 6 November 2012. It included speeches by Steering Committee members Paul Carnan of Blaney Carnan and Ian Ferguson of Mitchells Roberton and by Law Society of Scotland President Austin Lafferty. Around 60 practitioners attended the launch. Its first AGM was held on 26 November 2013 when its Constitution was adopted. The GCF meets quarterly.

What is GCF?  It is a voluntary association or club – a Conveyancers’ club.

  • Glasgow It is based in Glasgow but open to all conveyancers in the West of Scotland.
  • Conveyancers Practitioners of Conveyancing. People who practise the art of conveyancing. It is an inclusive term for solicitors and paralegals.
  • Forum The dictionary definition is “a place to meet and openly discuss and debate”.

The idea is that we can share experience, ideas, knowledge and skill.


  • To foster a collegiate spirit amongst Conveyancing Practitioners.
  • To engender a sense of professionalism.
  • To share knowledge and experience about the law, practice and politics of Conveyancing and keep members abreast of developments.
  • To offer a place for members to raise concerns or queries and enter discussion and debate about all property related matters.

GCF is not

An offshoot of any of the organisations who support us like RFPG, SLAS, LDU and ECF. It will be a place where up-to-date reports can be given by people from these bodies with 2 advantages

1) They give the bodies a chance to explain what they are doing and to get feedback and

2) You have the chance to learn more about what these organisations do and ask questions.

We are like the ECF and have borrowed from their name and experience and will work with them. However we will be our own body and members can shape what GCF will become.


A constitution is important for any organisation as it gives it an identity and explains who or what it is and what it is for. It was adopted at the AGM on 26 November 2013. Click here to open the Constitution

The Forum Management Committee are-

Paul Carnan of Blaney Carnan,  Chair                  Ian Ferguson of Mitchells Roberton Ltd Secretary/Treasurer
Austin Lafferty of Austin lafferty Ltd Martin Berman , Carr Berman & Crichton